The Bint Ralf Family

Today's project was to analyze this family (a rare element in the Davenport group) in terms of their descent from the Second Foundation.

Bint Ralf: Ralf, Tripoli, and Dhalana (thereby Dharanah, Dhalana's dam)

Bint Ralf had seven foals, four colts and three fillies, all of whom included Dharebah from the sire's side.

Or, to present this in another way:

Ralf, Tripoli, Dhalana, Dharanah, Dharebah: All Bint Ralf Davenports trace to these five Second Foundation horses. Al Bayad Amira, Reminisce, and Memoir UF trace solely to these five.

+El Alamein: Black Prince UF, Palisades CF

+El Alamein, Maedae: LCF Lady Guiniver, Trivere, Sir Trouvere, LC Francis Marion

+Tara: Capucine, ADA Recapitulation

Of the eleven horses on this list, three stallions are "whereabouts unknown". Another two stallions and one mare have no living Davenport get, although their whereabouts are known. That's half of the group.

Looked at from the perspective of the original imports, all of the Second Foundation horses mentioned above (except for Ralf and Maedae) trace only to the following imports: *Abbeian, *Abeyah, *Deyr, *Haffia, *Hamrah, *Jedah, *Muson, *Reshan, *Urfah, and *Wadduda.

Bint Ralf's descendants would then add the *Farha element (and if you accept Carol Mulder's theory about the Halloul/Petra dam switch, *Haleb and *Hadba).

Maedae's descendants add a line to *Haleb, as registered, or to the Hamidie-group horses *Obeyran, *Mannaky, and *Galfia via the mare Freda, as current mtDNA evidence suggests.

Combining the two theories, the Bint Ralf horses are the only source of *Haleb blood left in the straight Davenport pool. (Don't know why it took me so long to realize this.)

Looked at another way, we have four surviving mares (Reminisce, Al Bayad Amira, Capucine, and LCF Lady Guiniver), and three surviving stallions (Black Prince UF, Palisades CF, Memoir UF). Two of these horses are quite old, and two more are unlikely to be bred much within the group. I hope we can make use of what we have before the group thins further.

Last updated: 23 February, 2003 .